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Why we made Rightly

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         Why we built Rightly

For years we’ve been frustrated with the workflows in IP management and how they have hindered brand owners from getting the most out of their great inventions. Too much manual labour has made it hard for them to be effective, proactive, and smart about how they handle their IP rights. Opportunities are lost and infringements are left unchallenged. 

So too is the case for IP lawyers. We’ve seen skilled lawyers spend more time pushing emails and handling forms than they do using their expertise to advise clients and protect them against violations.

This issue is becoming increasingly more important as counterfeiting and misused brand names are crippling our society’s ability to innovate and keep consumers safe. Each year companies lose billions of dollars and consumers are put in harm's way when purchasing counterfeit products.


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         Our solution

We’ve built Rightly to change how companies manage their IP rights altogether. 

First, we want to put power back in the hands of brand owners and lawyers through purposeful digital tools. This means more infringements will be taken down, cases will be settled faster, and the most critical ones brought to court. 

Second, we don’t see the value in companies paying large sums of money for what are essentially tasks that can be automated. We would much rather see that money being spent on taking action. 

Becoming smart about handling IP rights is all about making brand owners better equipped to enter new markets, trim their portfolio when needed, spot opportunities and trends they missed in the past, and when seeking investments or selling off parts of their business, making the valuation as high as possible.

By doing all this we hope to be able to fulfill our ambition of making IP management accessible and meaningful to everyone. 

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