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The Rightly Team - law and tech is a stunning match

Pernille Østergaard

Head of Customer Success

Pernille has been in customer faced roles since her first job and never stops looking at ways to improve the customers' experience as well as the relationship between "us and them". Pernille has a background in real estate where she learned a lot about reading peoples needs, something she brings to work every day here at Rightly.

Kasper Frisdahl Kristensen

Analyst – Online Brand Protection

Kasper is an Analyst on the Online Brand Protection team, searching for and taking down infringements. He has a Bachelor's degree in Technology Management and Marine Engineering which he draws upon in his roles as the Office Handyman and Senior Equipment Manager. Kasper's also the Head of IT-Security and Support as well as Senior Network Administrator.

Tina Svenningsen

Paralegal at Rightly Law Firm

Tina is the indispensable Paralegal on the Rightly team. With a background in the hospitality industry, she's solution-oriented, structured and service-minded. She ensures the attorneys can do their job the best possible way and assists with IP related tasks, including case management and communicating with authorities and clients.

Thomas Duus

Senior Analyst – Online Brand Protection

Thomas specializes in online enforcement, keeping up-to-date with the latest trends in E-commerce & online enforcement. He keeps close contact with the biggest e-commerce marketplaces to ensure the best possible protection of our clients. Thomas is currently improving his skills by attending the professional certificate training program in Anti-Counterfeiting & Product Protection at Michigan State University.

Sigurður Björn Karlsson

Back-End Developer

Siggi is our Icelandic Back-End Developer. He graduated from Reykjavik University with a BSc in Computer Science and has now moved to Denmark. He likes problem solving, creating new things, and learning about new technology which makes him a great fit for Rightly.

Jeppe Hudtloff Viinberg

Chief Executive Officer, Attorney-at-law, Co-Founder

Jeppe has worked in the IP Industry since 2008. Passionately Jeppe vision an IP industry working smarter together to make a difference protecting innovation, people and planet. In 2017, Jeppe partnered with Bjørn to empower IP professionals with smarter digital solutions releaving IP professionals of manual repetitive work enabeling IP lawyers to focus on value-adding advice.

Helene Lyng-Madsen

Assistant Attorney-at-law at Rightly Law Firm

Helene studied law at Aarhus University where she specialized in competition law when doing her Master's. While studying she worked as a Legal Assistant and has, among other things, gained legal experience in the protection of IP rights. Since her graduation, she has worked with contract negotiation and legal protection of IP rights, and providing counsel about intellectual property rights and obligations to our clients.

Uwe Christiansen Eskerod

Lead Solutions Architect

Uwe is the company's problem solver, he thrives with troubleshooting and finding solutions to make everyone's workflows easier. Uwe also spends a lot of his time exploring ways our platform and workflows can work better and more efficiently for our clients, so they get the most of using

Lei Frisdahl Kristensen

Community Manager

As one of the very first employees at Rightly, Lei knows the company to the core, and with a Master’s degree in Corporate Communication from Aarhus University, her skills range widely within marketing and internal and external communication. Her goal is to make sure we maintain our significant spirit as we continue to expand, and she works to include everyone across social and professional relations.

Alexander Lottrup Rasmussen

Front-End Developer

Alexander is a Front-End Developer with a masters degree in computer science. Drawing on past experience from global corporations Alexander uses his expertise to make sure that the software quality and user experience of Rightly products is best in class.

Nadaline Webster

Director of Marketing

Nadaline has worked exclusively in the IP sector of the legal technology industry since 2015. Her expertise lies in developing strategies to support and communicate the vision of the internal and external stakeholders of the company, and aligning it with the needs of IP professionals across the globe. She is a passionate advocate for embracing the positive aspects of the legal profession and seeks to bring that perspective to the fore in everything she does.

Simon Lotze

Attorney-at-law at Rightly Law Firm

Simon works as an Attorney-at-law specialized in design and infringements. With solid experience as both in-house legal counsel and as an Attorney-at-Law Simon advises in strategy for IP rights and their enforcement. Having written his Master thesis on negotiation Simon, understands that the legal solution is not always the optimal commercial solution and believes in finding the ideal solution for the specific case.

Line Bruun Christiansen

Attorney-at-law, Partner at Rightly Law Firm

Mathias Ravnholt

Data Scientist

Mathias is managing the client data within Rightly. He has a Master's degree in Engineering from Aarhus University, and a great interest in all kinds of technology and everything that involves data. Mathias is always aiming for continuous improvement and efficiency both in the Online Brand Protection team and across the company.

Camilla Simone Kudsk

Assistant Attorney-at-law at Rightly Law Firm

Camilla is specialized in providing advice on intellectual property law, focusing on international filings and enforcement of trademarks, design rights, and copyrights. Camilla is passionate about assisting clients in the entire innovation process – from the actual idea to the ongoing IP strategy. Camilla is also experienced in the preparation and drafting of a broad range of agreements and GDPR.

William Thrane Rytter Kristensen

Online Brand Protection Analyst Assistant

Besides working as an Online Brand Protection Analyst Assistant, William is currently studying System Development at Aarhus Business Academy. The education will help him obtain skills within IT-architecture. He also graduated the Computer Scientist education and knows a lot about programming. His job is to assist OBP with finding and taking down infringements.

Troels Stokholm

Legal Assistant at Rightly Law Firm

Troels is our Legal Assistant, who is currently finishing his Master’s degree in Law at Aarhus University, BSS. Having specialized his Master's within the area of EU Business Law, and written his Master’s thesis in European Copyright Law, Troels is dedicated and motivated to contribute with a nuanced and differentiated knowledge, adding value to Rightly, as well as our clients.

Lisbet Vallentin Dalgaard Sørensen

European Trademark & Design Attorney at Rightly Law Firm

Lisbet has been working with trademarks and designs for more than 25 years as IPR coordinator, IPR paralegal, and European Trademark & Design Attorney in three different IP offices in Aarhus, and has gained significant experience in handling trademark and design portfolios for clients. Lisbet enjoys being involved from the onset of a case and being in contact with our clients and colleagues around the world.

Timmi Kleinnibbelink Rysgaard

Online Brand Protection Team Lead, Data Scientist

Timmi has a Master’s degree in Health Sciences and his experience in statistics and data-management are highly valuable for handling the thousands of infringements found by our OBP team. Also, Timmi carries out process analyses of our OBP workflow, while managing our development of convolutional neural networks, web scrapers and AI used in detecting infringements and counterfeits online.

Bjørn Kunz Petersen

Chief Technology Officer, Co-Founder

Bjørn has extensive knowledge and skills in automating processes that require continuous data processing, analysis, decision making and control. In 2017, Bjørn partnered with Jeppe to provide the IP industry with digital solutions increasing efficiency when managing IP. Enthusiaticly Bjørn transform manual repetitive work taks into digital and automatic workflows releaving IP Professionals of repetitive simple tasks.

Marc Storm Andersen

IP Advisor at Rightly Law Firm

With a background as a cand.merc.jur Marc has thorough knowledge in both the legal and commercial aspects of running a business. Working as an IP Advisor, he has specialized in copyright and the protection of industrial designs. Having written his master thesis about selective distribution in the EU, he also has a thorough understanding of the link between the legal field of competition law and IP law.

Louise Mühlbach Breining

Head of Rightly Law Firm, Attorney-at-law, Partner

Louise is partner and our Head of Rightly Law Firm. She has extensive IP experience primarily focusing on trademarks, marketing law, designs and IP enforcement. She is highly experienced in providing advice to Danish and international companies on trademark portfolios, global IP strategies, trademark and design registrations, as well as negotiations and administrative enforcement.

Thomas Grástein

Full Stack Developer

Thomas is our Full Stack Developer. With a Master's degree in IT-Product Development and extensive experience with every notable programming language, Thomas has a broad skill set within software development. Having created both web-apps and mobile apps used by several thousands and all the underlying architecture, he is here to apply the best approaches for the future of the Rightly platform.

Jens Christian Therkildsen

Data Scientist

Having graduated from Aarhus University with a MSc degree in Physics, Jens uses his background to implement routines and numerical solutions in order to extract information from our data and automate parts of our workflow.

Kirstine Dall

Solutions Architect Assistant

Kirstine is part of the Solutions Architect team, where she is optimizing, troubleshooting, and finding solutions to make everyone's workflows easier. She is maintaining our automated workflows and making sure all tasks are done.

Timea Borbath

Marketing Analyst

Timea is our Marketing Analyst, who is currently studying for her Master's degree in Strategic Communication at Aarhus University BSS. She loves both the creative and strategic aspects of marketing and is most excited about deepening her knowledge both about IP law and the needs of the industry.

Benjamin Højgaard Grønlund

Full Stack Developer

With a Master's degree in IT Product Development, Benjamin has a strong foundation for building and empowering digital products. His previous experience with building products on a global scale is used to streamline the development of the Rightly platform, making sure we can be confident that we are building the right thing at the right time for the right people in order to be a global success.

Michael Sterndorff-Jessen

Assistant Attorney-at-law at Rightly Law Firm

Michael is a graduate from the University of Aarhus. Throughout his studies Michael specialized in Intellectual Property Law, with a special focus on trademark, design, and copyright law. Apart from his interest in Intellectual Property Law, he also has an interest in contract drafting as well as dispute resolution.

Patrick Tamstrup

Head of Engineering, Co-Founder

Patrick has extensive experience within programming and has developed everything from integration with customized hardware to intricate systems for several Danish unions and for the IT and Development Agency of the Danish Ministry of Taxation. His expertise lies primarily in the programming languages C#, JavaScript, and Clojure and in web technologies. Patrick also has a penchant for Unix-like systems.

Justina Rimkute

Business Controller Assistant

Justina is our Business Controller Assistant, and she assists with keeping the company's accounting and financial systems up to date, as well as maintaining proper financial monitoring and control. She is very organized and has a great eye for detail. Justina is currently studying for her Bachelor's degree in Financial Management and Services at BAA.

Elisabeth Sørensen

Legal Assistant at Rightly Law Firm

Elisabeth is a Legal Assistant with the Law Firm. She is currently studying for her Master’s degree in Law at Aarhus University. By having completed the Marketing Law course and previously worked in both the IT field and with other legal disciplines, she possesses a unique skill set that contributes to Rightly’s versatility.

Rasmus Burgwald Truelsen

Online Brand Protection Analyst Assistant

Rasmus is one of our Analyst Assistants within the Online Brand Protection Team, who is currently studying for his Master's degree in Information Management at Aarhus University BSS. He is highly interested in the growing role of IT across all industries, making him a good fit for Rightly.

Mathias Thrane Rytter Kristensen

Front-End Developer

Mathias is a Multimedia Designer and has been working a lot with HTML and CSS, building up experience with creating and maintaining websites. Here at Rightly he maintains and improves the front-end of our different websites and further develop his skills within other coding languages.

Christian Dam

UX/UI Designer

Christian is our UX Designer. With a Master's degree in IT Product Development he knows how to develop great products. Christian is responsible for converting ideas and concepts into features that the user wants and likes. Furthermore, he ensures that concepts and designs are aligned with the development team.

Henning Løbner

Kitchen Staff

Henning is one of our valued employees who makes sure to prepare our meals and snacks each day. He has a background as a baker, working from London to Aarhus, and really knows his way around the kitchen. Henning makes sure that the work environment is organized and tidy while always bringing positivity into the office.