IT Security

IT Security Information is a web-based platform hosted in Googles cloud environment using Firebase technology. Google strives for monthly uptime of 99.95% for Firebase, which to our knowledge is industry standard.

This means that the platform uses standard well-proven security protocols, with session-based access which can be revoked immediately by in case of abuse. All users with an active session can request data from our database, however a user can only access data which is related to that users’ organization. Should a user attempt to access data from a different organization than their own, the request will simply be rejected. administrators have access to all data except user passwords in order to be able to yield support.

The database is backed up frequently, with a minimum of once per day.

For further information or questions please contact our Back-End Developer, Sigurður Björn Karlsson, at

We, at Rightly take security very seriously, which is why we use industry leaders as the technological basis of our platform.

These are the services and providers we use:

  • Firebase (Google): We store our data (IP records, matters, tasks, user data, etc.) in Firestore, which is a product in the Firebase portfolio, which in turn is a platform run and hosted by Google. Security, specifically authentication and authorization, is handled through Firebase Authentication. See information about Firebase security practices here.
  • Vercel: Our frontend is hosted by Vercel. See more information about their security practices here.
  • Render: Parts of our platform run on Render runs their platform on AWS in Europe and on Google Cloud Platform in the US. We only have services in Europe on Render. They are currently working on getting SOC 2 certified.
  • Mailjet: We use Mailjet to send e-mails from our platform. See their security practices here.
  • Sentry: We use Sentry for logging information about how our systems are used and to trace errors. See their security practices here.
  • Algolia: We use Algolia to index certain data, making it easier and quicker to search through it. See information about their security practices here.

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