Rightly for In-house

Smart automations provide just the right tools and processes to minimise your manual task handling, maximise your strategic value in-house and deliver flawless IP management that helps you to prove its value across the business organisation.

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The Rightly Platform

Intelligent automations that allow you total control of your portfolio.

Understand your international coverage and gaps on a single screen. allow colleagues access to get knowledge, download registration certificates when needed without involving the legal team. Set and manage tasks.

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Rightly Platform 2

Automatic Renewal Workflow

Smart automations ensure nothing gets missed.

Handle every part of the renewal process through the Rightly platform with clarity and simplicity. Collaborative updating of IP records provides integrity to the data and peace of mind because two IP professionals have verified the updates to your data.

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Automatic Renewal Workflow 2

IP Matters

Linked IP records and matters lets you know exactly where you stand.

Get an always-on, real-time overview of the progress of your IP matters giving you the full strategic overview of IP Records and pending matters globally in seconds.

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IP Matters 2

Docketing & Document Storage

Manage your due dates, tasks and needed documents with ease.

Synchronise and centralise your IP related work task, file sharing in a smart modern end-to-end IP management platform.

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Docketing & Documents Storage 2

Cost Monitor

Accurate, always-on cost projections. Set budgets with confidence.

Our network of global IP Agents provides constant data on costs of services and official fees. You are always able to choose the preferred agent that best suits your client - or choose one from the Rightly directory. You decide who you work with.

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Cost Monitor 2

Online Brand Protection

Customised OBP solutions to fit your needs.

Our range of standard and customisable Online Brand Protection options means you can act proactively towards protecting both your IP Rights and business, providing full transparency on the challenges you can assist your company in overcoming.

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Online Brand Protection 2


Say goodbye to complex billing and unpredictable costs. We only make money when we digitise standard tedious repetitive work tasks for you.


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News and developments from the global legal and IP space


We are thrilled to announce that we have been recognized at the 2nd annual Artificial Intelligence Awards, hosted by...

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In 2019, Rightly began with a dream to build a suite of IP management tools and features, designed by IP lawyers and...

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Job title: Online Brand Protection Analyst Assistant

Line of Business: Online Brand Protection


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