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We believe in cutting down manual, tedious work tasks into digital automated workflows ensuring collaboration between you, your clients and their clients. Join the Rightly Directory (it’s free) to gain more business.

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The Rightly Platform

An IP management platform that brings you work and peace of mind.

Eliminate time-consuming daily work tasks. Synchronise and centralise the work you are doing for your clients. Have control of your workload. Get a transparent overview of IP Record status and ongoing matters can be shared with clients in an end-to-end IP management platform.

Automatic Renewal Workflow

Smart automations increase your inbound work.

Making sure you are the preferred agent for as many law firms as possible will increase the amount of work you receive from other law firms using the platform. Collaboratively updating of IP records eliminates tedious renewal reports. Smart, digitised task handling boosts your efficiency and builds your reputation.

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Automatic Renewal Workflow 3
"Rightly's automatic renewal workflow has been transformational for my firm. It's smart and intuitive, making it so easy to handle larger volumes of renewals in a smaller workload. It eliminates tasks like creating renewal reports from the process while increasing security and peace of mind that everything is taken care of for everyone. My team can now serve more international clients without me having to employ more people. I love it!"
Fei Wang
Tsingyihua Intellectual Property LLC

Business Development Platform

Next generation business development for IP Agents.

Retain your freedom to operate independently, setting your own fees and be supported in explosive growth.
Inviting Law firms, clients or corporate clients to add you as preferred agent on the Rightly platform for the countries in which you operate increases your revenue and grows your business.

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Business Development Platform

Docketing & Document Storage

Manage your due dates, tasks and needed documents with ease.

Synchronise and centralise your IP related work task, file sharing in a smart modern end-to-end IP management platform.

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Docketing & Document Storage 3

IP Matters

Linked IP records and matters let you know exactly where you stand.

Get an always-on, real-time overview of the progress of your IP matters giving you the full strategic overview of IP Records and pending matters globally in seconds.

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IP Matters 3


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Job title: Online Brand Protection Analyst Assistant

Line of Business: Online Brand Protection


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