We think Managing IPs should be easy,
collaborative and profitable.

What we do

Rightly is an IP management platform built by people passionate about perfecting the art of managing IP rights. With the expertise that only building and scaling an IP law firm can provide, we’ve applied the intelligent use of automations along the IP value chain to allow IP attorneys, foreign counsel and clients to collaborate in a smart, simple, profitable way.


Our Mission

We all know that managing IPs has long been a very atomized process involving loads of manual workflows utilising complicated processes across multiple tools and systems never intended to handle IP workflows.

The result? Slow processes, communication delays, long lead times, frustrated clients, overworked lawyers and the almost inevitable positioning of the routine management of IP as a loss-leading practice in law firms and a cost centre in companies.

So, we built a powerful, easy-to-use, collaborative IP management platform that massively eases the manual workloads and integrates all the services needed to manage and profit from intellectual property.

By building that platform, Rightly gives IP professionals the one tool and the integrity they need allowing them to serve more IP owners better and protect intellectual property internationally — and of course, scale their business.

What drives our product and ourselves

We’re always curious, honest, and passionate. We’re always focused on building better ways to help everyone innovate and profit from what they create.


We focus on the essentials. We consider precisely why and how to include new tools and features. Sometimes it’s more important knowing what to exclude.


The benefits of what we do isn’t just monetary. We enhance the quality of life for those who use what we create. We get better all the time because we listen.


Performance is completion of a task with less effort. To us performance means more work accomplished in shorter time and/or using less resources.


PreSeed Ventures

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For more than two decades PreSeed Ventures have scouted, mentored and funded Danish success stories like Vivino, Trustpilot and Lunar. They have ventured into the future alongside more than 400 founders ranging from the brilliant to the slightly mad and supported their personal, collective, and professional growth. It is fair to say PreSeed Ventures is among the most notable early-stage investor in the Danish tech community, which today is thriving more than ever.

Kasper Kragelund

I started out as an entrepreneur in 1996 on the early Internet scene in Denmark. I founded a data centre that was later sold to the largest Danish tel-co.

2010 to 2020 I was based in Bangkok, building businesses in Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong and Philippines. In 2020 I moved back to Denmark and I'm currently focused on new tech platforms within agri, legal and property.

My approach to business is disrupting established industries, using technology or just an entirely new approach.

Industry Expert Business Angels

We have secured funding from 3 business angels who each have more than 10 years experience in the industry. In addition to funding, they also bring a wealth of extensive knowledge, helping us to build Rightly as the essential IP management platform for IP professionals.

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