Brand Protection Seminar

The Academy Seminar is chaired by a brand protection specialist and will contain the latest research & solutions for an above Industry-standard Brand Protection strategy. The Academy Seminar will help raise the understanding of how a holistic Brand Protection strategy results in an overall better IP strategy.
The seminar provides enormous amounts of information over the course of a day, making it well-suited to employees who don’t have time to take extended courses.

For law firms & IP owners

What is Brand Protection and Online Brand Protection

What is a good Brand Protection strategy

Brand Protection as part of IP strategy

How does Rightly do Online Brand Protection

Success Stories

Online & Offline Protection Combined

Customs Recordation and why is customs recordation important

Know your Supply Chain

Anti-Counterfeiting Technologies

It all starts in the small things

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Sites and apps monitored by Rightly in 2022

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Infringements found by Rightly in 2022

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Estimated value of counterfeits taken down by Rightly in 2022

Online Brand Protection

Automatically find and remove infringements.

Initiate takedowns from the platform with a click of a button - or use customisable automation.

Live data environment with Online Brand Protection (OBP) data.

Complete exportable overview for litigation purposes and internal documentation.

Covers Marketplaces, Social Media, Fake Websites, Domains and more.



How do we help you protect your brand?


Global Protection

We protect your brands on over 300 of the world’s biggest sites

Working online covering all major sites from East to West, we interrupt the counterfeit supply chain from it's core. In total in 2021, we removed counterfeits for an estimated value of €150 million

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Manual Online Brand Protection Handling



Automated Online Brand Protection Handling



Smart OBP process design

Intelligent automated platform lowers your workload as well as your risk

Rightly harnesses the power of artificial intelligence, machine learning algorithms and a wide variety of web scraping techniques, to scan the deepest recesses of the internet for infringements on your products freeing your time to spend on growing your business.


Builds bridge

Connecting your IP portfolio to findings

Rightly builds bridges between your IP portfolio and OBP findings. Providing even more valuable insights, business intelligence and gap analyses. Don't waste time pursuing items that you have insufficient IP rights to enforce. Instead, use this knowledge to cover your gaps and strengthen your IP strategy.

Removed Missing IPR Unhandled Processing
76% 11% 5% 8%

OBP that aligns with your IP strategy

Our service focuses on providing you with solid, business-driven data

The data we provide builds a robust picture of patterns of infringement that reveal to you the where, when and who of how you are being infringed, giving you a data-driven strategy instead of a reactive one. Infringer information will also allow you to investigate the supply chain of counterfeit goods and take a deep dive into the root cause of your problem(s).


Comprehensive coverage

Protect your brands and products from every kind of infringement

We don’t just search the most popular marketplaces for counterfeit products. We search for fake and counterfeit webshops, streaming services and social media to protect your brand reputation and goodwill by removing brand impersonators, webshops, counterfeit products and more. Maintain and bolster customer trust, while increasing your brand's reputation!


Expert advice and guidance

Our experienced OBP team are always on hand, whatever your query

When you work with an experienced OBP service company, you gain the benefit of our experience in the field. We are always delighted to share learnings, know-hows and trends as well as well as recommendations for your products and industry. Over the years, we have developed a strong connection and trust with both high-risk marketplaces and Social Media sites. In the world of IPR infringements collaboration is key.


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