Automated Renewals

Intelligently designed and IP lawyer-tested automations eliminate manual tasks, missed deadlines, hunting for documents and client communications in random email threads from your renewal process.

Only simplicity could be this smart!

0 hrs

Spent annually renewing 450 IP records with Rightly

0 hrs

Spent annually handling 450 renewals using Rightly

0 k

In increased revenue if 50% of the hours are billable

How do the numbers break down?

The financial impact of moving 4,500 RUMs to automated renewals on the Rightly platform:

Traditional IP managment

The bulk of your costs are from overheads such as license fees and labour costs but......

Rightly IP managment

Transforming overheads and labour costs into consumption based pass through costs for your clients and.....

The right way to do IP management

Leads to significant cost savings that increase your operating profits.

Fixed costs

License fees IP management system


Labour costs

Hourly Salary Administrator/Paralegal
Renewal costs spent pr renewal (0,2h)
Amount of renewals pr year 1/10 of RUMSs


Fixed costs


Total costs pr year


Fixed costs

License fees IP management system


Labour costs

Hourly Salary Administrator/Paralegal
Renewal costs spent pr renewal (0,2h)
Amount of renewals pr year 1/10 of RUMSs


Consumption based costs

Rightly renewal fee (€75 pr renewal)
Rightly yearly renewal fee (1/10 of RUMs)


Total costs pr year


Total savings per year using Rightly® vs legacy systems


Actual Return on Investment experienced by a law firm with 4,500 RUMs

Hours saved using Rightly


Hourly rate administrator / Paralegal


Margins improved

Time saved channeled into work
where you charge hourly rate


Turnover efficiency increase


Hours saved billed and paid by clients


Total return on investment

Cost saving + improved margins


How do Automated Renewals work?


Renewal reminder sequence

Automated email sequences are sent to the client to remind them to give instructions on the different IPR’s

The automated reminders give both you and your client peace of mind that nothing gets missed and delivers vastly increased efficiency over manual handling of renewal reminders

Automated Efficiency Manual Efficiency
100% 20%

Average minutes taken for manual renewal handling


Average minutes taken for renewal handling with Rightly


Actual renewal handling

Handling the actual renewal on receipt of instructions is usually a complex task involving a variety of steps

These steps, like communicating with a local agent to get quotes, finding the required documentation and sending instructions, have been transformed into a short series of simple clicks


Verification, docketing and updating IP records

After the IP renewal is complete, there are still tasks to be done

The Agent is invited to submit changes to the specific IP record with the assistance of smart algorithms. You can approve or dismiss the changes. On approval, changes are docketed and data is updated automatically

% of renewal workload manually % of renewal workload with Rightly
60% 10%

Average minutes to complete 450 renewals manually

Average minutes to complete 450 renewals with Rightly



Renewal Report

A renewal report is automatically prepared and sent to your clients

An end-to-end IPR automated renewal system that is smart and takes care of every step can free unimaginable amounts of time to deliver more value-adding work to your clients


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