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Managing IP is better together!


A truly collaborative, end-to-end IP management platform that empowers people to work together in a smart, simple way.


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Rightly empowers brands to get the most out of their IP rights


Comprehensive Insights


Make informed, data-driven decisions with actionable insights


Online Brand Protection


Easy, automated takedown processes to protect your brand


Fast renewal process


Maintain a presence with speedy, automatic renewals


Customised reports


Get the information you need, exactly when you need it




Computer - Partners mix


Rightly provides a real time overview enabling timely action
rightly-logo-rgb-iconmark-full-color-blue small Get a full overview of all of your registrations.

Each registration is there to ensure that your company gets the most out of your innovation power. Watch in real time how well protected you are in all corners of the world.

rightly-logo-rgb-iconmark-full-color-blue small Listings give you insights into every important occurrence.

 Ever wonder how popular your products and brands are outside your main markets. Now you get the chance to see every listing, so you can prevent infringements better or seek new market opportunities.

rightly-logo-rgb-iconmark-full-color-blue small Keep a watchful eye on all infringements.

When your IP rights get infringed, Rightly is there to give you notice, so proper actions can be taken.

Time to protect your IP rights and increase their value
rightly-logo-rgb-iconmark-full-color-blue small Ever thought about the strength of your IP rights?

Creating an indication of the health of each IP right gives brand owners a deeper understanding of how their portfolio is performing. 

rightly-logo-rgb-iconmark-full-color-blue small Get better protection with takedowns

What is an IP right worth without proper enforcement? With automated and approved takedowns, higher volume and better precision means more protection.

Automated renewal process and budgeting forecast
rightly-logo-rgb-iconmark-full-color-blue small Don't waste your time on manual renewal handling

With Rightly, all the tedious renewal processes have been automated. Quit spending time on matters that don't bring any value and spend your time innovating instead. 

rightly-logo-rgb-iconmark-full-color-blue small Become smarter about how you spend your money

Rightly makes it easy to forecast your costs on IP rights and adjust accordingly. With insights into expenses and generated value, you now have a better chance at directing your money towards a stronger IP rights portfolio.


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